6over60 Team Pic

6over60 Team Pic
6 Over 60 Team, from left to right, Darryl, Dale, Ed, Pat, Tom, Jim, Dave

Monday, July 29, 2013

Fond du Lac to Manitowoc WI

Fond du Lac to Manitowoc WI 

Dinner at Luigi's Italian Restaurant in Two Rivers

Left to right, Kimberly, Reagan, Ed, Dale, Dave, Holt (the little boy in front of Dave), Alyson and Mark

Dale, Dave, and Ed went to dinner at Luigi's Restaurant in Two Rivers after arriving at Manitowoc.
As we were waiting for a table, Mark Henderson sitting with his family, says I saw you on Keloland TV the other night.
The Henderson's are from Sioux Falls SD, and vacationing in Manitowoc WI.  What are the chances of them and us meeting in Manitowoc WI! After dining we went over to Pic and Save to get some supplies and run into the Hendersons again!

Sunday, July 28, 2013


Riding Statistics June 19 - July 27 2013

Number of Rides                      35
Total Miles                              2,496.23
Total Riding Time                    181:47
Total Elevation Gain                82,463 feet
Average MPH                          14

Lake Michigan Sunday morning 7/28/2013
Today we take ferry from Manitowoc WI to Ludington MI

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Jim's Tribute to buddy Ray Burbage

Jim's tribute to a Buddy Ray Burbage

Ray, with his mom

My good buddy Ray was killed in Vietnam February 1968. We were both due to be discharged in the fall of '68. We had planned to take a few months off and tour the US before going back to college.

44 years later I'm making that tour to raise funds for the Wounded Warrior Project in memory of Ray. Ray's younger brother Rex may meet us at the end of the ride.

As Jim would say "Whose is that guy!"

Day 37 Day off and Visit to Trek Factory Waterloo WI July 25

Ed, Jim, John Burke president of Trek, Dale, Pat, Tom. After our tour John gave us the honor of visiting with him for 15 or 20 minutes in his office!

We all had read John's book One Last Great Thing: A Story of a Father and a Son, a Story of a Life and a Legacy  which is a tribute from son to father . It was very special to have a  personal meeting with John. 

Below, a picture fo us out from of the facility, Tom's wife's cousin Sharon and her husband join us on the tour. 

Todd, our tour guide who did an excellent job of giving us the inside story on Trek.

After visiting Trek, Tom's friends take us into Madison WI and Tom manages to get us a tour of Camp Randall Stadium! at University of Wisconsin

It has been the home of the Wisconsin Badgers football team in rudimentary form since 1895, and as a complete stadium since 1917. It is located in the south-central region of the University of Wisconsin–Madison campus. The stadium seats 80,321.[3] It is the oldest and fifth largest stadium in the Big Ten Conference, and the 41st largest stadium in the world.

Day 36 La Crosse WI to Portage WI July 24

We welcome Randy, as we leave La Crosse and soon are on a 1.5 mile 10 to 12% climb. Randy fixing a flat at the top of the climb, the first of 2 for him!

We pass through Amish area. This farmer plowing his fields stopped to talk to us.
We explained our adventure. He wanted to know if we would ride to raise funds to stop a 345 volt power line from being installed in the area.

We were not the only ones slowing traffic in the area. Here we pass an Amish couple in horse and buggy. We see many Amish farms with no power lines to their homes.

The little School House

A veteran memorial in one of the small towns

Below, is a rider, we met on the road, who was from PA, visiting the area and rented a bike
for a ride. In PA he races for Colfidas.

Beautiful sky 

Day 35 Rochester to La Crosse WI July 23

The Mississippi River from our campground

Randy Mc Farlane joins us in La Crosse. Randy will be riding with us through WI

Randy above second from left, greeted us as we arrived in La Crosse, together with his wife Ellen, Ellen's sister Donna and husband Bill and Ellen and Donna's mother Irene who is 89.

In the above picture it is the next morning, as we do our daily devotion from Jesus Calling and prepare for our ride to Portage WI.

Day 34 Rochester MN July 22

Today was a difficult 108 mile day, roads were very rough with perpendicular cracks every 15 feet or so. The constant jarring from these cracks beats your body up on a 100 mile ride. Also we were on busy state highways with lots of traffic.

Linda Hurley (Ed's wife) visits us in Rochester

Linda visited her God parents Penny and Chuck at Ham Lake MN about 2 hours north of Rochester MN.  Linda was at the KOA in Rochester to welcome us as we arrived. She brought cowboy  chocolate chip cookies that Penny baked for us as well as brownies Linda made. Both were great and appreciated.

Don Reuter's brother John and wife Kathy also visit us in Rochester. 

Below, Linda sees us off on the 23rd, as we head to La Crosse WI on the Mississippi River. This ride was through the Bluff area of MN and WI, rolling farm land and wooded bluffs. We hit our steepest climb of the trip so far, 14% for about 2 miles

Some of the scenery along the way

Dale posing with a scare crow, dressed as a paratrooper

Small cemetery with bluffs in background

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 33 Mankato MN

Day 33 Mankato MN

Second 100 + mile day. We will have 3 100+ mile days this week.

Darryl and Jeanne's Close Friends Kerwin and Lois Brown, visit us in Mankato providing us with a great 

BBQ dinner and friendship

Ginny and Lois preparing dinner

Ginny and husband Bill Kruschel who are friends of Lois and Kerwin Brown.

Kerwin and Ed comparing careers in IT related business

Relaxing at camp site, from left, Lois, Dave, Ginny, Bill, Tom, Kerwin, Pat, Jim

Dinner tasted as good as it looks

Tomorrow, onward to Rochester MN 100+ miles


Day 32, 33 Worthington MN and Mankato MN

Last Man Club

Started with 24 veterans meeting every day for lunch at Glen's Bakery and Deli in Luverne MN population less than 5000.  24 coffee mugs on the wall,  9 members remain. The last man gets the bottle of Booker's Kentucky bourbon whiskey in the center of the display.

Thanks to Gordy and Martha Fick, who arranged our lunch meeting with these men and thanks to Glen's Bakery and Deli who provided us free lunch.

From Left Ed, Tom, Pat, Warren age 92 WWII veteran of Normandy Invasion, Dave, veteran Bob Anderson, veteran Jake Boomgarder age 92 B17 bomber, Jim, Dale, Gordy

Jake, talking with Jim

Warren and Dave, Warren also known as the candy man, carries bags of chocolate that he hands out to veterans

Bob, who suffered a shrapnel metal or bullet injury to the head  at the Battle of the Bulge in Bastogne

 From Wikipedia - Fierce resistance on the northern shoulder of the offensive around Elsenborn Ridge and in the south around Bastogne blocked German access to key roads to the northwest and west that they counted on for success;

Others at lunch were Jay Mana age 68 and Bill 59

  The last Man Club is a part of the documentary "The War" by Ken Burns

It was an honor visiting with them.

Gordy and Martha  kept us busy in MN. 

Mary Jane Browning Nursing Home (Good Samaritan) Visit followed by visit to SYS South Western Youth Services

Gordy and Martha arranged for a bus of Mary Jane Browning (5 over 90 group) to meet us at Gen's Bakery to follow us to the Luverne Veteran memorial then to the youth services 7 miles down the road in Marigold MN

The Luverne Memorial

The son of Last Man club member Warren, built a memorial to the veterans of the county at the old court house. At the memorial is a bronze of a soldier that bares a strong resemblance to Warren.

During Fund raising for the memorial, veterans could buy a brick in their honor.

Mary Jane Brown Good Samaritan Nursing Home and Southwestern Youth Services

Martha Fick who works at MJB arranged for us to meet 5 of their residents who followed us to the Youth Services. MJB and SYS work together and have a program where residents of MJB visit with the troubled youth of SYS. Strong bonds form between the generations.

Below, we discuss our adventure with the MJB residents and SYS residents 

When we arrive at Mankato, Gordy and Martha Fick arranged for dinner for us at the HyVee market who provided us with dinner for free.

In Worthington, Alyson Buschena of the Daily Globe interviews us for an article

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 30 Mitchell SD to Sioux Falls SD 72 miles 1580' climbing

Don Reuter's Sister Martha and huband Gorden Fick host us for dinner at the Pizza Ranch in Brandon SD. The manager, Tim, after hearing of our adventure, Provided us all dinner for free.

From left Ed, Dale, Gorden, Martha, Tim, Tom, Pat, Jim, Dave

Dave's Brother Don Busch, wife Linda and Daughter Sarah drive up from Nebraska to visit with Dave on our Day off in Sioux Falls SD

KSFY of Sioux Falls interviewing us on the Early Morning Show

Rachael, Dale, Tom, Jim, Pat, Sean July 19th Friday

Kellee Arza of Keloland Television KELO TV interviewing Pat at our KOA Camp site July 19. Spot will air on Monday July 22

Kellee Arza of Kelo TV

Ed being interviewed by Kellee

Strange transformations happen when you have been cycling for a month through Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, and South Dakota

Ed enjoying a Bud in the RV at Sioux Falls

After 75 miles on a hot day, we find a DQ before heading to RV Park