6over60 Team Pic

6over60 Team Pic
6 Over 60 Team, from left to right, Darryl, Dale, Ed, Pat, Tom, Jim, Dave

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 19 Dubois to Riverton WY 79 Miles 1410' Climbing

Country side on way to Riverton

On the way, we stop to take pictures of Ranchers moving cattle, the cattle were not cooperative and the Ranchers needed to get them across the road to other side. Seeing our strobe lights on our handle bars they asked us to help them by stopping traffic. We did. There were 3 on horseback and a dog that would nip at the hoofs of the cows that tried to get away. The three had there hands full, took about 5 or 10 minutes to get all the cows across.

Who is that masked man?

Below are pictures of Merlin Bianco at the Owl Creek Kampground , a good friend of the owner of the park Dee Fallon, and the Tear Drop trailer he designed and built that he pulls behind his Harley

Merlin, shared his testimony with us and Jim asked him to pray for us. Merlin is leading us in prayer as we are ready to leave for Casper WY 120 miles away. From left Dee Fallon, the owner of the park and full time butcher in local market,  who was very helpful to us, and Merlin Bianco, praying for us.

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  1. Man, you guys must be reeling from all the beauty. From the pictures, it sure looks like you guys are doing a good job truckin' on down the line. We're praying on the home front and grateful that you are all having a great time.