6over60 Team Pic

6over60 Team Pic
6 Over 60 Team, from left to right, Darryl, Dale, Ed, Pat, Tom, Jim, Dave

Friday, August 2, 2013

Day 42 July 30 Lakeview MI to Frankenmuth MI

Day 42 Lakeview MI to Frankenmuth MI

MI country side on route to Frankenmuth

From Stanton to Victoryville, we run into road resurfacing. 5 miles of very rough pavement that jarred
parts loose on our bikes and any loosing fillings anyone had

On the road to Frankenmuth

Below, Texas Dave, pulls us over for lunch

Below, Tom's sister Nancy and husband Mike Sullins visiting us from Sparta Il, treat us to DQ as we arrive.
From left Pat, Jim, Dale, Ed, Nancy, Mike, and Tom's cousin Terry and Terry

Below, we are greeted on arrival by Dale, Dave's wife and friends Dean and Ruth Woodard, Helene Bleecker, Dan and Debbie Sharp, and Dale in the green shirt.

Dave has been counting the days until Dale would meet us in Frankenmuth. Dave, Dale, and their friends all went out to dinner together

Nancy and Mike Sullins Tom's sister and brother in law,  take us to Dinner at Sullivan's in Frankenmuth.
From left, Pat, Dale, Ed, Tom, Nancy, Mike, and Jim

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