6over60 Team Pic

6over60 Team Pic
6 Over 60 Team, from left to right, Darryl, Dale, Ed, Pat, Tom, Jim, Dave

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day 45 London ON to Brantford ON

Day 45 London ON to Brantford ON August 2 2013

On the road again

Below, Canadian Farmhouse


While at Travel lodge in London, we were plugged into outlet in parking lot per directions. Unfortunately it must have been 220 volts as we fried some wiring. We did not realize this until we got to Brantford Quality Inn and tried to hook up electric. 

Dale talked to front desk, and got an address of RV repair. Unfortunately when he drove the RV there it was closed. Our cell phones were no help in locating repair place in Canada. He called the front desk and got the number of another repair place.
Dale called and it was the residence of the owner.

Dale finally ended up at Chantony Enterprises Mobile, Truck and Trailer Repair, owned by Tony Kraemer. He was able to bring in his worker Robert Kolesar who did the repair.

Five hours later, Dale was back with the trailer.

Tony Kraemer, owner of Chantony Enterprises near Brantford ON

Below, Robert Kolesar, Tony Kraemer and son Jack

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